In honor of National Margarita Day, here is my favorite margarita recipe. Because who doesn’t love a good Margarita and one that takes minimal effort is even better. Let me be honest. I am a lazy girl. You can ask my family and friends. Anything that requires a minimum amount of effort is my thing and I can procrastinate like I am paid to do it. Why? I am not quite sure,  but my laziness has made me an expert on finding ways to do things the easy way. If it wasn’t for my laziness I probably would have never come up with this amazing margarita recipe.

I always have a bottle or more of the Costco brand ready made margarita mix in my house. It is so yummy. I love the Costco Margarita mix. In fact, I love all things Costco. They have such great products that makes my life so much easier.  Which I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? I kind of feel like Costco is enabling my laziness. I wouldn’t be able to be this lazy if Costco didn’t make it so easy for me to be a lazy girl. So this is kind of your fault Costco!

Funny story: Years ago when Chris and I had moved into our first apartment and just had our second baby Maddie times were tough financially. I begged Chris to take me out on a date because I needed an evening without babies hanging all over me. We stopped by Costco just to buy diapers and wipes for the babies, but was so nice to able to stroll the through all the aisles. We got to take our time, see all their products and enjoy all the samples without having to zoom in and out because one of the babies had a blow out. We had such a great time and enjoyed Costco’s delicious pizza. It is one of my favorite dates ever! It was so simple but we had such a great time.

You can’t really taste the alcohol in it which I really like but its also kind of dangerous. I even count the times my husband Chris and I made a pitcher of margaritas, sat down outside by the fire pit, kept refilling our glasses and then struggle to stand up like we had Bambi legs. They sneak up on you, but worth every last drop.

Lazy Girl Margarita

Lazy Girl Margarita is perfect for entertaining, BBQ’s or just to enjoy with dinner.


2 cups

1 cup



Kirkland Signature Premium Golden Margarita Ready- To- Drink

Wawona Organic Daybreak Blend


Tajin to taste


Rub the rim of the margarita glass with the lime slice to make the Tajin stick to it. Blend Ready- To- Drink mix with the fruit blend, and then carefully pour into the glass (taking care not to dislodge any tajin). That’s it. Enjoy!!!

Stay tuned for more of my Lazy Girl series.